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what length muffler for a 2003 750 kat?

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  • what length muffler for a 2003 750 kat?

    I am looking at putting on an Oval Stealth Hindle carbon fibre muffler with Euro Tip on my 2003 750 Kat. With Hindle, the mid pipe is separate from the Muffler. Just curious,...

    1. Does it matter what length Muffler you put on a Katana?
    2. What length does everyone else have on their Kat?
    3. What length do you think looks best?
    4. Will I lose my centre kick?

    Any pics that members have would be great,... Thanks!
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    More muffler capacity usually means quieter operation while maintaining low back pressure. This is not a rule just a generality.
    I believe my Hindle was 20". I liked it because it didn't stick out past the rear fender which I think looks ugly. Mine had the race "baffle" so back pressure was not an issue and I wanted / liked the sound level.
    I kept my centerstand but made a rubber bumper for a stop. It should be noted that my mid pipe was for a Bandit 1200 1st generation.