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I Need Help Finding Parts :( Is there no aftermarket gear for my pre kat!?

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  • I Need Help Finding Parts :( Is there no aftermarket gear for my pre kat!?

    You guys are all so friendly geez! i love it! anyway anyone going to ohio for the meet and greet? i want to but im scared to go meet a bunch of strangers! haha NO offence! also, im looking for some aftermarket parts for a pre98 kat!! i have a 93.if anyone knows of anything let me know, actually heres a list of what im looking for or would be interested in:
    Aftermarket Mirrors-
    I say aftermarket but i mean anything that will fit that looks better than the mickey mouse ears without looking like i jimmy rigged it together, i mainly want some carbon fiber mirrors with built in blinkers but i want them to look like they are supposed to be there not like i forced them into position, i saw some on Ebay i thought that might work:
    let me know if you guys think this might be possible, i really like these mirrors but im afraid my visibility will SUCK! haha
    Aftermarket Windscreen-
    I've gotten suggestions to go to a 750 windscreen which is probably what i will do if i can't find anything else, im looking for a smoked one that is maybe 2-3 inches taller and preferably somewhat wider than my stupid stock one! if anyone knows of anything that would rock!
    Heavier rear end suspension-
    im looking to jack the rear end up 2-3 inches and put beefy suspension in because the kat rear shock SUCKS its weak, now i haven't tried adjusting the stock one but i don't think adjusting it will fix it, i ride 2-up 85% of the time with my girlfriend and i weigh in around 220 and my girl weighs in around 100-115, so i want something that is going to support us with EASE, i heard a R6 piston with a heavy duty shock would probably be the way to go if anyone has a write up or something on this setup that would be amazing!
    Lower front end-
    I wouldnt mind lowering the front end an inch or two as well, if anyone could point me to a write up on this maybe with some visuals that would be awesome as well
    Clear taillight lens-

    ALSO, (sorry so long) i was wondering if anyone was having any trouble with brake dust on the back wheel!? I barely use my back brake and it seems to be dusty CONSTANTLY so im thinking that something needs fixed there anyone have any suggestions?

    THis site is amazing and thanks in advance for responses!

    I would also like to get a hold of an extended swing arm!

    All of this while trying to keep a LITTLE money in the bank

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    The visibility in the jag mirrors sucks.
    Zero Gravity makes kat screens for a pre, and the 750 is taller than the 600.
    Look into swapping a 98+ shock in. If you hit the wiki you can find a shock guide.
    Why in the world would you raise the rear, and lower the front. The steering geometry will me all messed up.

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      looks, i will probably just raise the rear, i was reading something about a zx-14 shock in the rear is that a possibility? im assuming since the zx weighs so damn much that that shock would be strong as hell is this a good idea?


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        zx14- 485lbs
        93 Kat6- 445lbs

        Not that much heavier buddy
        90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

        Originally posted by Badfaerie
        I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
        Originally posted by soulless kaos
        but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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          the Katana frame is steel, the ZX-14 frame is aluminum. You are aware aluminum is a lot lighter then steel right?


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            lol i wasn't aware of that i was just judging by size :S, sorry so what do i do as far as a heavier shock?