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Rear Fender Elminator Kit for a 750?

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  • Rear Fender Elminator Kit for a 750?

    Anyone know if they make a fender eliminator kit for a '90 750? I found a bunch online for the 600s, but they all specifically say that they won't fit a 750.

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    search function is you friend
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      There is a fender eliminator kit available at your local hardware store for $5. It is listed under "joist hanger". Simply use a dremel tool, saw, or utility knife to get rid of the plastic fender and then use the joist hanger to mount plate and turn signals.
      If you search for "fender eliminator" or "budget fender eliminator" you should find the original thread with the write up.

      Hope this helps, and happy chopping!

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        Or pick up a stainless or aluminum small sheet at the hardware store, and cut/bend to fit your needs.

        I made a full tag mount, tag light holder, and turn signal mounting from one sheet (just cut and bend, drill a hole once in a while) as a single unit for $7.

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          Agreed. Do it yourself. The sense of accomplishment and achievement is worth it.


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            I cant seem to find the original post using the search funtion. How does the joist hanger attach to the underside of the bike after all the plastics are gone?


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              it didnt come up for me either, but my best guess is you just cut the actual back fender off and you drill into the under seat compartment "top part of rear fender" to mount the joist thingy.
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                Just hack saw off the shovel and rig up stainless or aluminum small sheet from the hardware store, and cut/bend to fit your needs.


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                  try "shovel" or "shovel chop"

                  happy hunting.
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                    Yeah their catalog was probably parts unlimited. Don't get stuff from that. You will pay the price in the catalog which is full list price. Even with shipping you can get much better deals online.

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                      After looking at the disappointing, overpriced ones online.. I just cut the plastic off around my signal mounts and license plate bracket, and relocated my reflectors. Cost a few cents in electricity.