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  • Gauge Mod

    Could'nt find what I liked so made this.

    This took 30hrs from start to finish. Designing the face took forever. Was looking for the right color combo/fonts/graphics/geometry. The back lighting took some serious time too. tried LEDs (spotty), EL string (dim) finally modded the internal bezel and added an extra bulb (right of fuel face). Had to color the back of gauge face for a nice even glow. The needles are now metallic black. Added the Suzuki "S" on the inside of face too. That area was a little bare compare to the other parts. Anyways, this took lots of work. Until next time. Later.

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    looks good nice job
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      nice job!
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        ever think about producing sets?
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        Chrome Project Part 2

        Chrome Project Part 3

        Chrome Project Finished


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          Real nice!
          Really think there is a market if you have some different color choices.
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            Sweet. I'd buy it.


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              I like it Very professional looking
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                Very nice! What was the mCd rating of the LEDs you tried? I'm toying with swapping my stock bulbs for LEDs in the stock bulb holders.
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                  Ive been toying with the Idea of installing a gps system directly into the instument pannel to replace the speedo and 86in the tach for a digital bar tach accross the top.
                  Perhaps at the end of this season I will tear it apart and give it a whirl. Pics to come ..nice mod on yours it turned out great. Best of luck with it!!!
                  The newest addition to the Family!
                  stop by the garage for a better look!


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                    how are you guys doing these, are you printing the faces out yourself? some more pics of the process would be nice.
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                      This is how i did it:

                      scan and vectorize the gauge face using FlexiSign Pro
                      design new face
                      sand down the face to rid of the old ink
                      print and contour cut the new face using vinyl
                      tint the back of the gauge face for better light dispersion
                      stick on the new face

                      to get the silver ink i use a Roland ColorCamm Pro printer/cutter. this is an expensive unit but, i do graphics for a living so no biggie. It just so happen that i'm into bikes.


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                        Nice job.When will you be taken orders?
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                          Nice job....Do I smell a new supporting vendor in the works?
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                          BTW, I think they may have been correct. It does appear that BLACK is indeed the FASTEST color. R.O.R...R.I.P.M

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                            Um...yeah. I'm gonna need a set of those in "MPH"....STAT. In trade, I have one soul, slightly dirty- with some lipstick stains that won't wash out.

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