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My Stretched Kat

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  • My Stretched Kat

    Thanks to neonjeffie for the assistance with this project, i have not done a precise measurement over stock but its about 7", went with a new set of sprockets and a new 150 link chain, took out about 6 links i think. I took it for a ride and it ate my license plate but the i have that figured out now, it doesnt turn in as sharp but it still rides great.

    I also got some bar ends to change it up a little.

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      LOOKS GREAT!!!

      Im in the works of this right now. Im been talking to teddy.
      Update Jul 11 2014
      Done finally road worthy, Huge difference in looks compare to the pic in my SIG. Will update everything soon.


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        looks great!! i love it
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          I would have done a couple of things different but overall I like it.
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          Repaint this winter, along with some other stuff


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            I love it. How hard is it to do id love to stretch my 1100.
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                Jeff does an excellent job on these swingarms, I can't tell you all enough. The way he builds them just shows you they are a rock solid piece with no under or overbracing needed (at least for the 6 inch ones), and you can see with his welds that you will never have to worry about one cracking or giving way. High quality work for a great price, he even makes new billet aluminum axle adjusters that fit in the extensions perfect.

                Looks great Idt!

                Jeff needs to get some good pics of his bike and post up a thread of his own ride....HINT HINT. Maybe I'll just go over to his shop and take the pics for him.....

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                    Looks way better then most streched kats!

                    props too ya

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                      If I thought stretched kats were cool this one would be near the top of the list
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                        I love it, looks great!!
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                          I'm with you Hex.
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                            wow... not a fan of stretched bikes at all, but that bike is an exception!

                            very nice
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                              I love the stretched look! Great job! It looks good!
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