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after market exhaust, yoshimura

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  • after market exhaust, yoshimura

    Here's my problem. I have a 96 600 kat. The exhaust is a yoshimura. I don't know what year and it looks very used. the exhaust is resting against my swingarm on the right side, which is causeing some rust on the swingarm. there is a cheap homedepot type bracket holding the pipe in place. What can i do to put space between the exhaust and the swingarm?

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    Is the exhaust bolted on the inside(closer to the wheel) or the outside (further from the wheel) of the bike mounting bracket? If its on the inside, take it and move it so its on the outside, that should give you some space. Not sure how yours is bolted on, my I did this with my stock can.


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      the bolt is on the inside, and the braket ends are attached on both sides of the footpeg. if u understand what i mean. i see what ur saying, the braket ends should both be on the out side of the footpeg. instead of one in the front and one behinde the footpeg. that might just work thanks. by george i think he's got it!
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        [ame=""]YouTube - Yosh Pipe on 600 Suzuki Katana[/ame]

        My video has a closeup of the bracket if you need refrence.


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          nice vedio. thanks


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            here r some pic's of the exhaust on the bike
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              Thats definatly not the stock bracket. I would recommend you look for another exhasut bracket on ebay or something.. I would look for you but my work has the site blocked

              Metal on metel isnt a great idea, thats why they come with a heat proof rubber piece, wear/rubbing is going to bring rust. I am guessing if you get the bracket you can kill two birds with one stone.

              If you absolutly cant find one, it might be a better idea to make one out of a thicker metal than is on there and buy one of those oven mats that you can cook on, the teflon stuff that you can line pans with and cut one to be a spacer between it and the metal. You know: [ame=""] World Cuisine 16 3/8-Inch x 11 5/8-Inch Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]


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                Thanks kraze you've been alot of help. What can i do for that rust on the swingarm?


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                  Originally posted by Bigza View Post
                  Thanks kraze you've been alot of help. What can i do for that rust on the swingarm?
                  clean the rust off (either sanding, blasting, or chemical treatments), and repaint

                  Spray paint will sorta work, but not the best option.

                  Powder coat is the best option, but requires removal of the arm.

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                    I assume since your not buying new exhaust outright, spray paint is going to be your solution right?

                    To remove the rust, you can either sand it down, sand blast it (if you have somone who can) or simply use the old oil+aluminum foil trick.


                    The tutorial uses steel wool, which is better, but in a pinch foil does the trick.

                    I learned this awhile back to remove rust spots from chrome bumpers. This works on raw steel pretty well. You may want to buy a can of clearcoat paint as well.. gloss or not, just to seal the metal so it doesnt happen again.
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