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  • Finally quiter

    Finally got my Vanes and Hines to quite down a lot by swapping out the baffle with a new one that is suppose to lower the db rating by 10%. I guess that they changed the baffle design and I had the old design. Didn't freak out the dog when I fired up the bike.

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    i guess not scaring the dog is always a plus. idk me personally, i love the sound of my D&D every time i fire the kat up. it takes a little getting used to, i know when i first rode it home after it was installed, i was blown away, and literally laughing at how loud, and good it sounded. but now i just get a smile from it
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      Originally posted by SilentTJ View Post
      idk me personally, i love the sound of my D&D


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        I'm seriously working out inserting a baffle canister under engine prior to the muffler to quiet what ever can i use...

        After years of headaches from too loud exhaust, I'm good with quiet.

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