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painting a stainless steel exhaust

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  • painting a stainless steel exhaust

    I have been searching but with no luck for a carbon fiber scorpion exhaust but have conceded defeat. With that said and don't go crazy if its not possible but what about getting a stainless steel one and painting it black.

    If it is possible what kind of paint should I use and how should it be prepped.

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    Well what I can tell you is that the previous owner of my Kat painted a polished aluminum D&D and it is holding up quite well. No bubbles or any location where the paint is peeling. Just some spots where I have either set it down, or where the clamp down by the mid-pipe rubbed. I say it is possible.

    I would imagine that you would want to use some high temp paint like grill paint or engine block enamel.
    -2000 "750"


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      Use something like VHT (good from 1300F-2000F)
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        would there be any type of prep work I should do for better adhesion


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          I decided to just get the stainless steel then just see how the painting goes. I was told this would fit my bike which is an 06 600, I just wanna make sure cause it only says up to 05