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Have you installed a fender eliminator?

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  • Have you installed a fender eliminator?

    I bought one from creese on eBay and have been tinkering with it, but haven't come up with a good way to install it. I've cut away the rear fender and got that all smoothed out. I've only come up with a couple ideas, but neither seems good to me. There's a screw on each side under the tail body panels. But they are too far apart to mount the bracket there. I've thought about mounting a plate there, then mounting the bracket to the plate. I've also thought about using small L brackets mounted to the plastic under the square part of the underseat tray.

    So I am hoping some of you have done it and can give me some tips or hints...maybe some pics?

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    Look under the light that is used to light up the plate. I know on my bike I was able to mount it there. I do not have one of those brackets, but you should have a mounting point right around that area. Instructions did come with it right?


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      I made my own...used a couple of the screws that hold the fender on.

      Maybe the same?


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        I think I have a pic that shows the place where mine is installed at. Right under the light for my plate is a screw that hold the bracket for the light. I just slid the bracket in between the bottom of the bracket and the top of the fender and put it right back on. I guess I will take some pice tomorrow so everyone can see what I am talking about..


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          I made a bracket that mounts to the two bolts you are talking about. Then I mounted the creese bracket to the the one I made. It looks factory.


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            Yeah, Dennis and Mr. Clean have done what I've been thinking about.

            LoL, no Highsight, instructions didn't come with it. I was surprised, but he says people can figure it out. I sent him an email and he said he doesn't know how Katana owners mount it. I don't see how he can say it's FOR Katanas if he can't even tell me how to make it work....and it won't mount without adding to it...but there's nothing I can do about that. Just gotta figure it out.

            Also I guess I should note that I'm working with a late model Katana, so the stuff you're talking about is all part of the rear fender....which has been cut away. There's nothing below my tail light at all now.

            I found a small sheet of thick aluminum in the garage, so I made a plate to mount the bracket to. I'm going to paint it black so it will be less visible and try it. I'd like to move it closer to the tail, though....I dunno, we'll see...


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              the closer it is to the tail, the better...looking forward to the finished product..

              dont u always love getting stuff with fouled up or no directions..I mean geez, whether its easy or not, its always good to be on the safe side and do it right!


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                Be sure you check this out:


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                  sheet metal screws. mount it where ya like. make sure your not running into anything first
                  always working on mods