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Gsxr 750 motor and front end swap

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  • Gsxr 750 motor and front end swap

    So, i like my kat. I have a 2006 carbed kat. And want to get some more power out of it. I do have an r1 for my days i wish to fly fly. But i want to fuck around with my kat. It was my first bike and i love it.

    Could i get a list of exactly what i need to do, what year for gsxr 750 motor, front end, and rear end to make the swap?

    I thought about dropping a 1100 gsxr motor in, but wasnt sure if stock suspension coild take it.

    Run me through pros and cons of going gsxr 1100 or 750. Will the 750 cause heat problems ? Ive hezrd of srad melting harnesses.

    With a 2006 would these engines and swaps still be possible?

    I would do all the work myself. If i can swap engines and harness on my subie this should be no problem.

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    I would not bother with the 750 motor not much bang for the work, just swap in a 1127 you can use all your existing harness. may run into some height clearance issues but easily overcome, people have put B12's into that frame.

    Leave the rear end maybe swap out to a better shock but up to you. To mod for a different swing arm means chopping the lower frame rails the second gen rear shock can be serviced if you need but all in there's little weight different between oil cooled motors.

    Have a look at all balls racing website for what you need for a front end swap I put a tl000s front end on mine and only needed to swap bearings out

    Search around and you'll find all the info necessary for your tasks as has all been done before
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