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Exhaust Ask from a new member !

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  • Exhaust Ask from a new member !

    Hi all,
    I have just registered on the site after purchasing my first Kat, gsx600f here in the UK, on a '03 plate.
    Someone said this was the place to be for answers and banter so here I am....
    Rode sports bikes before, but now an old fart and needed a comfy type with modest power but still have a nod towards something sporty so got the Kat and I must say it surprised me, lively above 6k despite the weight !
    Now to my ask...the stock headers are getting ready and the link pipe has been welded to make it one piece, I may be able to get hold of some mk1 600 Bandit headers, will these fit please ?
    Many thanks

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    Hi and welcome to forum.

    To my understandment bandit 600 headers should fit. I had B12 headers on my pre 750 kat when it was still naturally aspirited. Those are a bit longer and hang lower as the B12 is taller engine than 750 or 600, but B6 headers should fit to post kat like oem. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Ps. Also post kat 750 headers should work.
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      ebay and amazon. i buy many used good parts on ebay. found a decent stainless steel headers on amazon in usa. been happy with my yoshimura slip on.
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        Thanks guys....