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Help, Best mods to make more HP?

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  • Help, Best mods to make more HP?

    Looking to make a little more power out of my Katana 600. What are some of the best mods to make more horsepower. Has a Yoshi RS3 slip on. I have looked at the delkevic header. What best jet kit, air filter and or air box mods? Am doing 14/49 sprockets. What swingarms fit? I have a gen 1 Busa stock arm. Any and all things to make more power, what might they be?

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    Best jet kit: Factory ( dynajet is junk)
    best air filter - Suzuki oem with box kept intact
    My favorite power mods- juice up the ignition with relays to the
    coils, iridium plugs, and widen the gaps .It run smoother, start on cold mornings shockingly well.
    If you have stock rubber hub bushings, they are probably worn, replace with poly bushings. No, won’t give more power but the improved response will feel like more power.


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      I have trimmed all kinds of weight off and will keep looking to lose more. Made my own exhaust, drag radial, lowered it 2 3/4 inches. Strapping feont down. Did the 13/47 sprockets. Featherweight battery. Looking into cams. Might do a little head work. Got 1 month left till last test n tune before season starts. Bracket racing just need to be consistent. Ordered adjustable timing advance. Cam 2 fuel. Hope for 12.20's wont cry if faster just need to be deadly consistent on dial in.


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        how did your season go?
        '90 Katana 600