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mesh mod glue?

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  • mesh mod glue?

    what should I use to hold the mesh onto the fairing?
    I'm not sure about JB weld in case I want to take it off.
    Does hot glue work, maybe rubber cement?
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    The most poular methods are (by memory):

    1. Epoxy

    2. Hot Glue

    3. high temp silicone

    One of our members was going to try to glue fasteners to his fairings and then bolt on the mesh so it could be removed easily.
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      High temp silicone (clear), worked like a charm
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        Depending on where you live, I would think that the Hot Glue may get up to temp, and melt. I would stick with the Epoxy or the Silicone. Hot Glue seems to risky to me.
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          check out my gallery, there are pics in there that show what i looks like from the inside and outside. I used JB weld..that stuff worked great..been on for about 6 months now or so, and still no problems. Even sitting in 95 degree bumper to bumper traffic on more than a few occasions. Hold is the main thing ur looking for, and that will do it.

          as far as taking it off..hhmm, I dont plan on removing mine, but u dont wanna go w/ an adhesive that isnt top notch...and end up having the mesh pull away from the body work.


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            I think I'm gonna work on that mod this week.
            always working on mods


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              Im with Need4Speed750 on this one. I used JB Weld on mine its been on about 7 months now and holding strong.

              I dont think I would ever take them off cause they look so darn cool


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                Originally posted by rockadaous
                I think I'm gonna work on that mod this week.
                Its about time rock !! you're a mod beast, what took ya so long !