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  • Forward Sets?

    Hi all, it's been a while! I am really enjoyiung the new (to me) 1993 Kat 1100. However my hips hurt real bad at the end of the ride. It's kind of hard to put my right foot down.

    So I was wondering, I've seen all sorts of rear sets, but would there be such a thing as a forward set? I was thinking if my pegs were a little lower and/or more forward, that might do the trick. Also a huge help would be a narrower gas tank.

    Any Ideas?


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    Uh......not riding a "sport" bike.....Ive never seen anything like you want......not saying it cant be done but then you are just riding cruiser style on a sport bike, takes the fun away
    Uh Oh here we go....


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      how forward did ya want to go?


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        I like sport bikes, well standards is more what I have some time in-saddle on. I don't really care for sruisers too much. My last was a Bandit.

        Thing is something about the Kat 1100 between the tank width and the peg position kills my hip. Getting old I guess. The Kat 1100 is not exactly a sport bike anyway. I cannot throw it into curves like I could the bandit, I'd say it is more of a touring bike than a sport bike, especially as heavy as it is.

        I don't know exactly how far forward and/or down I'd like to move the pegs, maybe an inch, inch and a half. Really after ridiing again yesterday, I'd say a tank with a deeper cutout would do it too.

        I had rear sets on the Bandit and I never had this problem, I actually liked my legs tucked up under me. Just something funky for me ergonomically on this bike I guess. I really do like the bike and am hoping I can work it out.