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  • Paint color match

    Buy first bike, check
    Get said bike inspected, check
    Take the MSF course, check as of next weekend
    Make bike look better, unchecked..

    I have a Candy Pharoah Yellow 97 Katana 600 that has been dropped several times(not be me, at least not yet.) The fairing on both sides are severely scratched up and cracked.. Now this wouldn't usually bother me, because I like the no fairings look. The problem is when I sell it or gift it later on, I want it to look decent with fairings on. I want to get the fairings fixed(I heard ABS cement works) and repainted, but I can't seem to find the color anywhere. I'm wondering if there is a comparable color in a different brand. Oh, and the code is z66. Thanks

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    Go to an automotive paint store, they can match it. I get mine from either the Ppg or NAPA auto. Be aware if it's the OE paint it still won't match the old paint 100%, as the old paint will have faded some over the years.
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      Z66 Candy Pharoah Yellow Top coat 4705 base coat 1075
      93 750 Kat

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        Most automotive paint stores have a camera to match paint. Axalta (formally DuPont) and PPG are probably your best bet. Carquest stores were really good with paint, and even though Advance Auto Parts bought them, they seem to have kept paint in the markets that had it. The repair process of plastic is not so easy. You'll need a special glue like 3M 04247 to bond the cracks back together. An adhesion promoter like Bulldog would be needed, then a high build primer (2K urethane), and a polyester primer (USC 26006 Icing), and more primer before paint. With the cost of all of those products, it might be a better idea to try and find a used set on eBay. The products that I mention are not the only option, I just used them as examples. People that due bodywork have their favorites just like anyone else. Another option would be to check a local vocational school. A lot of them offer evening Auto Body classes for a reasonable price.