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Stupid windshield "nuts"

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  • Stupid windshield "nuts"

    You know those little rubber nuts that pull tight to the windshield, well like most, mine were damn useless after about 2-3 pulls of the fairings.
    Soo I went ahead and designed and 3d printed my self a set that would fit snug into the same spot and function in the same way.
    Let me just say, I should have done this ages ago! simple fast and easy. Cant wait to get the rest of the fairings on in a little and see how they hold up. I would keep going but its over 100f in the garage still and its humid as hell.

    Safe riding everyone!

  • #2
    id love to see how they look and work. Have you considered making anymore to sell?


    • #3
      I can see if I can snap a picture. Its all buttoned up but you might be able to see it if I back the screws out a tad.
      I could make more if needed it only took about 10 minutes to print a set.
      I made these out of glow in the dark blue ABS but I have many other colors (even though you cant see them)
      Let me see what I can do when I get home tonight.


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        They are not the best pictures but here you go.


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          What keeps the fairing from vibrating under the screw and wearing through the paint / plastic ?
          2005 Katana 750


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            In the past, I've just popped j clips on too

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