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New gravity feed sprayer from Santa! w00t!

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  • New gravity feed sprayer from Santa! w00t!

    Now I just need to learn how to paint. Anyone have a how too? And not that rattle can how-to Lou.

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    I can finger paint!!! sort of!!

    congrats !!!


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      i can body paint.. women..
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        thats what im going to school for...once my class starts in march after my first class is done ill give you a how to if you want


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          It all depends on what u will paint. Also what kind of paint u will use: base coat / clear coat, singel stage, acrylic enamel. I find base / clear combination the best , however your prep work has to be very fine. Another think to keep in mind are colours: solid ones are much easier to work with than metalic. When working with metalic it is easier useing base coat because it dries quick and u can correct any mistakes before u clear it. It is important to follow mixing instructions as per company because they often change for ex: PPG is different than R-M. The best way to learn is hands-on. I would get an old fender and practice with my gun on it. Try different settings: press., how much and how wide u want your gun to spray. Basicly u have to set the gun to your hand. Some painters move their hand faster than the others. A trip to body shop would let u see the proces and if they nice enough they could give u some pointers. I use to paint cars for 7 years before I became a mechanic and still when I go to visit my friends I learn new tricks every time. So be patient and it will come to u.


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            Re: New gravity feed sprayer from Santa! w00t!

            Originally posted by Mr. Clean
            Now I just need to learn how to paint. Anyone have a how too? And not that rattle can how-to Lou.
            Oh sure, the Mexican rattle can way is just to easy for you, have to go and get a expensive gravity fed one... and all santa brought me was a burrito and beer!

            Make sure that when you are spraying, to over spray the edges, meaning, don't just stop towards the end of the peice, kinda carry on so you don't get over build or extra dropplets of paint. Even strokes, and remember, you don't have to get it all covered in one or two layers!
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