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How Hard, and what would it take (LED's)

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  • How Hard, and what would it take (LED's)

    How hard would it be, and what equipment would it take to buy bulk LED's, and make your own custom shapes and strips to mount here and there inside the fairing and maybe underenath the tail to bet a little bit of a bling-bling effect.

    Something like this for example...

    What would you need to mount them to for the current? I was thinking that maybe if it was all wired together properly, mount it in some type of silicone housing so that it would be bendable? DOn't know if that would work, and how it would be wired with multiple lights. Also don't know what kind of stuff it would take so it could run off of a 12volt power supply.

    Any ideas?
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    I know that this is not the answer that you are looking for, SweetLou, but check out this site. These LEDs are really cheap. I have the 1 million color kit sitting at my house waiting to put on the bike. I have the 7 color kit on there now.
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      I can help you out with them they arent that complicated.
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      • #4 or make it as simple as changing a bulb....check them out.
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          Hey beekman, those sites are pretty slick, thanks!!! Definately looks easy! Just what I need, another mod to add to my list!