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Retrofitting a 06 750 tail

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  • Retrofitting a 06 750 tail

    Quote from the sticky about interchangeable plastics:
    Originally posted by Special K View Post
    The tail sections from the 03-06 models will FIT the 98-02 models, but they require a different tail light and should use the rear under fender from the 03-06 models as well to fit right. This mod also requires a small flat plastic spacer piece under the tail which was not needed on the 98-02 models.
    I'm tempted into switching tails, searched diagrams of OEM parts and it seems like both models, the 600 98-02 and 750 03-06 have the same under fender, OE part number being 63111-08FB0-291, so what does the OP mean by having to use an under fender from a 03-06?

    And what's that flat plastic spacer? any pics? can it be substituted with any spacer or is it specific in shape?

    Found this set of rear plastics including the tail light in the exact same color as my bike for just under 50 euros .. what else would I need to retrofit them to my 600 2000?

    Grateful for any help!

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      That should be all you need. I retro fitted mine with a whole brand new body kit that was already painted. The swap calls for the 03-06 tail light. I had to buy that separate. My body kit didnt come with the bracket. I just drilled small holes in the tail and used zip ties. Its not perfect but not noticeable unless I point it out. The seat unlock mechanism is now covered by the new rear fairing. I had to be creative on figuring how to still be able to access the under seat area. Basically I tied a wire to the lever that actually moves when you turn the key. I pull the wire and pull up on the seat a little and it comes right off. I cut the wire and hid it neatly so unauthorized personnel cannot see it. I will post pics or a vid tomorrow. I hope this helps.


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        Thanks for your reply! and looking forward to seeing those illustrations you mention ..

        So what you're saying is that the key mechanism from the 03-06 doesn't line up with the catch on the 98-02?
        how about the rear grab bar? can it be refitted in the same way as it is? can't afford to dismiss it as we tour 2up most of the time.


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          yep. grab bar is ok.