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    Ok I admit I made a stupid mistake when I chose to touch up a scrape on the right-hand fairing. I was not satisfied with my work so I decided to repaint the entire fairing due to the fact that I was able to get a great color match.

    First I am using spray-paint... I know it is not the professional way of painting at all but it was an inexpensive option for me. I used a plastic compatible red paint 60, 100, 220, 400 grit sandpaper. Not knowing the best way to salvage the already inscribed lettering that must have been custom by the other owner. I used masking tape and then carefully carved around the lettering. I then was able to get sand the paint down to the base plastic.

    I made each coat very thin and in layers over 48hrs. It is a gloss paint but obviously needed a better protective glossy clear-coat. This is where I got fucked in the ass. First of all I am a dumbass and didn't take off the lettering before the clear-coat. THEN after continuing on with the gloss I let it sit overnight. When I came to check it out I was pissed.... 2 fucking stinkbugs trying to be clear-coat Kat fossils. So I started over again. This time I got a great coat on there but clearly I fucked up some somewhere. I now have uneven coatings of glossy and semi glossy coat with slightly rough texture. I have coated and reapplied 3 times now with the same problem. Not to mention that the fact that I cant now removed the tape to get to the letters underneath.

    (working on Pics)


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    Steal another Katana and use those fairings?

    I wish I could help, but I'm severely paint retarded.

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      wet sand with 2000 and polish it
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        ^ +1

        All you want to know is right here ~


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          Originally posted by hardlydangerous View Post
          wet sand with 2000 and polish it

          +2 but wait until it is hardened per the specifications on the can, some say 30 days.
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            I have a really shitty camera but tell me what you think about these...
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              The ones on the bike are the original images.


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                Looking at your location as Philly, and with the rain we have been having in the Northeast, moisture also plays a part in your final product.
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                  Humidity has been generally fairly low though, even with the rain.

                  My guess is that curing could be an issue... you really want to keep the plastic over 70* to paint and dry.

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                    Did the last clear coat tonight. The bike is a street fighter for the next few days and I think I am happy with the outcome. I figured out that because I was worried about a thick runny clear-coat I was going to light. I also used the basement for my painting station so it is very dry and around 68-72 degrees. I will give it about a week or so then try the wax and what not.



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                      One thing to be aware of - if you went light with the clear coat, gas is going to wreak havoc with it. Be careful fueling up.
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