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    I could really use someone's help who has torn these bikes apart in their sleep. I just went through carbs 102 (and it took some time as many tbings went wrong) and I just put the fairing back on again. I usually pride myself as to how I can put something together more efficiently than the manfacturer as I always have a couple of screws left over!!!!

    I have a two part question. I have one of the plastic push top clips that I do not know where it goes. It is the one that has a phillips head on it. Does anyone know where it goes? Is that the one that is supposed to go in the center/bottom of the windshield?

    I know I got all of the others ones in as I remebered to put them back in their original place (like I should have done with ALL of th screws, etc.). I went to the OEM diagram, but they do not show enough clarity to see the phillips head.

    Second, does anyone have any close up pics (or can take a couple of them) of the front end cowling so I can see the screw layout including from the speedo side. I think that there are two phillips screws that go in each corner from the instrument cluster side.

    I did put some screws in already in the first pic and center hole push top for the windhield. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    I know that on the inside from the intrument cluster out, those should be two phillips head scres(one on either side) the push in screw im not so sure, i know on my bike the center of the windscreen had a push pin fastener but it did not have a phillips head on it? but thats the only place i could think that it would go.

    hope this helps


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      Thanks for clearing that one thing up as I put those two phillips someplace else and now I can put them where they belong. I did have two screws that had plastic washers on them and used them on the top corners from the front side.

      I figure I can compare pics to see what should have gone up front in those corners.


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        Yes and yes. Plastic phillips push pin bottom windshield and two phillips right and left inside cluster surround
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          Thanks... I am going to have to disassemble it anyway to review as I had a couple more extra screws that need a home and I am sure that I will find them since I was in a hurry to get it together for a ride.

          BTW....Without a glorious hook up, what is a single solid color paint job going for nowadays? What about a fender? Havent called around yet for this so just curious.


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            Originally posted by elianator View Post
            BTW....Without a glorious hook up, what is a single solid color paint job going for nowadays? What about a fender? Havent called around yet for this so just curious.
            If you are just doing a solid color, I probably wouldn't pay a shop for it. You can remove all of the fairings pretty easily on a bike (vs panels on a car) and there aren't that many pieces to deal with. Do you have a friend that paints/spray paints? You can probably knock the whole thing out in a weekend.
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              No...I may be able to dig around and get some prices that are good, but I wanted to know what is normal to know if I am really getting a deal. All the painting I have done has been OK at its best and the bike is still very nice so I do not want to make it worse.

              I had seen kits on sale from China for under $400 painted any way you want, so I do not want to go much higher than that if I can avoid it.


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                Don't touch the China kits would be my advice to you, my friend. A lot of them arrive with the holes just off where they should be, sometimes also with no hole where there should be one.
                Better to stick with what you have and get them painted, you'll be happier with the end result.....
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                  Just taking a blind stab at it here, but if Maaco can do the BS, one coat paint job on a car for $99, I would guess that they could do a a real paint job on a bike maybe $300, assuming you brought in the fairings.

                  Not sure really though. I don't really read of people that pay to get their bikes painted unless it's something with graphics.
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                    For all who responded, thanks. BTW. I searched high and low (I mean for weeks) and found a company that claimed ABS Plastic Thermo fairings and the company was based in the US. They ended up using Chinese manufacturers and they guaranteed they were not compression molded. They came in a looked great, but almost every tab broke off because they were NOT thermos..they were compression molded. Due to the low demand for Kats, there is apparently no such thing as a Thermo mold for our bikes. Hope this saves some time for people out there. Company was good. A little back and forth, but they ended up taking care of everything and they were honest. Even they had been told it was Thermo and admitted that it was not.