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  • frame sliders

    How hard? Whats the best?
    Im lookin for some yellow for my 600
    2003 gsx600f (the yellow one)
    vortex sprockets,D&D slip on,c/f led lights
    JIM's cowl, mesh, clearalt's ds signal, zero gravity ds screen

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    I picked up a set of Vortex sliders for a Honda F4i. If you go down all you have to replace is the pucks. I think they have them in yellow.


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      Frame sliders for the Kats are in the works. A company here in Cookeville, TN are working on them . I am trying to get up there to look over the work. So do not go drilling your frame. Once these are done you will only have to cut the plastics to make them work. I would rather cut plastics than drill and weaken my frame.


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        Hey Highsight, that's good info to hear. Anyword what model Kat they will be for, pre-98 98+ or hopefully both?


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          They are going to be for both. They have a pre98 600 they are using for a test bike. I told one guy I now from the other site to go by there since he is right up the road from them. He has the 98+ kat. So hopefully he got by there. They are about an hour away from me. So it makes it hard with family to get up there.


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            Hey Jimmy,

            I would love to get a set, let me know when you get yours.
            AMA member # 224227