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looking for license plate frame......

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  • looking for license plate frame......

    i'm looking for a nice design license plate frame........i found this one on ebay

    but it doesn't look good from picture......

    anyone knows a website have huge selection of them??

    btw, is it legal to have a neon light under the bike? a yellow neon light might be cool......
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    I have a barbed wire looking licence plate frame. I really like it. and I get tons of compliments on it (prolly the least expensive thing I have on the bike too!! hell, one of the stickers I have cost more! ).
    If you wanna see what it looks like I'll post a pic tonight when I get home.
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      The neon lighting rule changes from state to state; check your state laws to determine whether it is legal there.

      As for frames, there are tons of them on the market, including frames with integrated brake and/or tail lighting. Cheap places to find them include JCWhitney and through many motorcycle-specific mail order dealers.

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