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Minimum temp to paint?

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  • Minimum temp to paint?

    I was wondering what the minimum temp you can paint in is? I was thinking of doing over the winter, but then I forgot it would be frigid.
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    Generally speaking the warmer it is the better off you are excluding humidity.
    I wouldn't recommend trying it below 50 degrees and even that is pushing it.
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      yeah I would agree 60F is the lowest for me.. tried it once below that and had to redo it. I also do not paint when the temp is above 90.. mainly because I am sweating my ass off then.
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        Check the instructions on the paint, and with the paint manufacturer. Most paints aren't useable below 60 or 65 degrees, and even then only in low-humidity environments (the higher the humidity, the higher the temp has to be to compensate -- in order accomplish the same drying rate). Some manufacturers do make special low and exceptionally low temperature paints, specifically for slightly below freezing up to about 50 or 55 degrees, but I can't say I recall anyone making such paints as vehicle paints. Alternatively, you can heat the area, but in doing so you need to ensure you still have adequate ventilation of fresh air and that the heat source can't/won't ignite the fumes.

        If you are affiliated with the military in any way, most bases have paint boothes you can rent by the hour or the day quite cheaply (under $20/day is the norm). In some metro areas, you can find commercial places that will rent you a paint booth as well, but they are far harder to find.

        Good Luck!
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          Yeah, what they said

          Just check the paint instructions, like said b4. If you are going to use them in a single or double car garage, with a propane or kerosene, or electric heater, you will need a ventilation set up to suck the fumes out. You don't want them to combust. If you are making a paint booth in your garage, getting dryer ducting with a fan of some sort to suck the fumes out of the booth, and outside may work as well.
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