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tank rattles

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  • tank rattles

    I have a 2000 katana 600 and im having a problem with the gas tank, when im riding the gas tank sometimes rattles on the frame, i have removed it and found that it is vibrating on the crossmember that bolts on both sides of the frame, i was wondering if anybody else has this problem because its so annoying, is there suppose to be some kind of padding on the crossmember to stop this? i have checked all the bolts and they are tight but just cant seem to stop it, the cross member is missing paint where the tank is sitting on it so i know this is where the sound is comming from, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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    I would think you could stick on some foam weather stipping from your loacal hardware store that should cure the problem.
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      Supposed to be two rubber cushions on the cross brace, that the tank sits on.
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        i had a peice of thick hose i put around and ziptied it to the cross member


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          In addition to the rubber mounts on the cross member, there should be a rubber cushion in front of the tank that the tab protruding from the front of the tank fits into. Mine was missing so I cut a piece of garden hose open and stuffed it in there.


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            i spent all day trying to figure out how to fix the problem, i used weather striping but after a short ride i could smell it starting to melt, i looked all over my garage for ideas and i had the ratchet in my hand that i had taken the tank off with and noticed the rubber grip on it, i took it off and used a knife to slice it open and then put it around the crossmember under the tank, then grabbed another ratchet and did the same thing with the grip, bolted the tank back on and rode it for an hour and theres no vibration and no melting of the rubber, now i just got to go buy 2 more ratchets to replace the ones i cut up hahaha, thanks for the help


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              The rubber bumpers you needed were only $1.75 each...

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