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Ebay windscreen impressions

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  • Ebay windscreen impressions

    Hi guys, just wanted to give the curious out there an update on the ebay tinted windscreens that are available for about $15. I have no affiliation with the seller, I just haven't come across another review of this item. For reference, you could follow the link below to see the ebay seller's page.

    I had ordered one initially, been provided with tracking information and lots of communication from the seller. When it arrived, there was a crack along the upper edge.

    I e-mailed the seller, he promptly sent another one which arrived today and was in good shape with more packing material this time.

    Upon inspection, it lacks the finished, curved edges of the OEM screen which I expected. The material seems equally rigid and approximately as thick. The holes were drilled in the right places and it bolted up without incident.

    To my surprise, this windscreen sits higher up and "out" in comparison to the original. If I had to guess, I'd say it is more akin to the touring zero gravity version then the OEM. If I had to guess, I'd say it should do a decent job of deflecting more wind then the original... but it could also blow apart in a million pieces.

    I'll be heading out in a bit to give it a real-world test, but so far so good. It looks decently made and I think ran me about $40 tax and shipping in.

    I'll update later with pics and more information.


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    Any reason you didn't go with the EX500 conversion?
    - Not sure if you can do the "real world test" as it raining.
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      While the EX500 conversion looks great, I imagine the wind would get the better of ya while riding distances, and speaking of rain, wouldn't keep ya as dry.
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