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1997 katana 600 fairings

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  • 1997 katana 600 fairings

    I recently bought a wrecked kat my first one its a 600 frame but witha 750 motor in it. i finally got all of the frame and motor work done and I LOVE it. now i just need some fairings I did not think it would be this hard to find them. I checked ebay dailey, craigslist and google. but no luck anyone know of any where to get them? I can go thru suzuki but $$$ is rediculous. ihave the all the rear fairings just need the front now. some one please help this newbie out!!! ill post pics up pf my other projects soon too

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    The best you're likely going to find is like $100 a side.
    If you check craigslist and ebay everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, you could happen to come across a good deal. You might have to buy a complete parts bike to get what you want for a good price.
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      Know of any????????


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        ebay had TONS of aftermarket kits in the 300 range.. all kinds of graphics and plain in almost every color for katanas mostly 98-06... check again or i can send you link.. i wonder if these are really cheap garbage kits though?


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          go to they have the fairings for $80.99 brand new cheapest i have found!


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            Actually that price is just for the connector piece below the headlight. The actual side fairings are 204.99. I am looking for the same things.


            This is the same fairing for 154.
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              The maier stuff is junk. Don't waste your money on it.

              Keep an eye on eBay and you can get decent plastic for a good price... just usually not this time of year.

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                That windscreen in that Maier pic is sick. Maybe my body is Maier because it's all kinds of not fitting correctly. Is there a way to find out?
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