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ebay fairings/customs fees?

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  • ebay fairings/customs fees?

    Hey guys I know some people have used the ebay fairing kits with great success and I'm about to pull the trigger. Only thing I'm not sure of is, are there any extra import charges thru customs or is what's listed as shipping the final cost?

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    in the US we dont pay customs fees
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      Cool, thanks. I kind of figured that since nobody ever mentions that in the ebay fairing posts, but wanted to get find out for sure. Thanks


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        as long as you have a regular address i think you should be fine, when me and my cousins were big into airsoft we would order all of our guns through redwolf which is in japan and they always had issues with the post office holding onto their package and also having to pay fees but i never had that problem, I think it was because their address was a PO box
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          yea i was looking into those fairings too and had the same question. keep us updated on is there is fees and if they fit well =D


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            I just finished doing an ebay swap.

            check out my story here, pictures are a comin'



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              just make shure they dont try to send them through regular mail. couse the box is actuly too big to go through regular mail. that is how i got mine. the postal master was going to send it back couse it was too big. but i cought them before they did.