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is a 98 center stand stable enough to take of the front tire

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  • is a 98 center stand stable enough to take of the front tire

    I put my bike on it's center stand to changed front and back rims i bent both of the stock ones. I did the back on last night no problem but the front is still lightly touching the ground. I'm a little worried that if I take the front tire of the, bike will fall nose first. if this is true how do you change the front wheel without using a motorcycle jack or stand.

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    Sure I just put couple bricks and some wood under the engine.. the amount of weight is small..
    90% is on the stand....


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      The bike is nose heavy when it is on the center stand. When I changed my tires I took off the rear tire first and had someone push down on the tail while I took off the front tire. Once the front tire was off I rested the forks on a couple of blocks that I hade in the yard. I left the bike like that for three days with no problems.


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        Yes, the centerstand is plenty strong enough.
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          Or if you have beams (joists) exposed in your work area, use a ratchet strap and support the bike by the steering neck with ratchet strap (plus the centerstand).

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            are we kidding here?

            I could swear even my big arse can sit on my bike while on the centerstand. Wait!!!! I don't have a centerstand
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              It can be done

              make sure the front forks have someting under them or she'll nosedive.


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                Jeez , you guys go throught WAY too much trouble . Just grab a cinder block and stick it under the forks . It'll be fine . Putting the wheel back on I just shoved the bike up from the front with my shoulder and stuck the wheel back in there . Little sweatin , little cursing as I aligned the axle , and a little dirtier after the experience , but it's in there .
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