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removing the left and right grips for single-up riding?

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  • removing the left and right grips for single-up riding?

    I'm the only one who rides my bike (my wife's pregnant and so she can't ride), and I've been thinking about taking off the right and left side grips (not the rear grip, just the sides).

    Has anyone else done this? I'm guessing it would be pretty straightforward to take them off based on the microfiche diagrams I've been looking at on, but is this advisable? Assuming I'm the only one riding, is there any reason to keep those grips on?

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    Do you mean the foot pegs?
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      no, not the foot pegs, but the grips from this Ron Ayers microfiche - (items #8 and #9 in the diagram):


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        Err - items #9 and #10, rather.


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          oh ur talking about the tie down bars under the tail.. lots of people remove those, mostly for cosemetic reasons.


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            Ah yes - that's it. I've been thinking about removing the shovel from my ride, and perhaps getting an undertail kit, and I think it would look even better without those bars.

            So - there's no reason not to remove them then, right?


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              Unless you want to use them with a bunji net you really have no reason to keep them. Of all the people I have ride 2 up with me not one of them have ever used those "grips."


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                Yeah i recently got rid of mine... not a big deal unless you are running bungies or saddle bags.

                My exhasut attached to one of the holes for mine so i nixed them..

                Passenger pegs might be next but i need some place to tie down the rear when i trailer it.
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