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03+ Tail PLEASE LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!

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  • 03+ Tail PLEASE LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!

    I have seen that a lot of people want to convert to the new tail. I recently damaged mine and have been looking for a new one. I called Ronayers(which people on this site directed me to) and the have the 05 750 tail painted with decals shipped for about $180. If your spending more then that you are wating your money. That does not include the actual housing for the taillight, but if you are going with the clear alternatives led, then I beleive that has it's own housing. I am not 100% sure on that.

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    CA does NOT have it's own housing.. need to the housing to put a CA in unless you hard wire it.. and even then how would you attach the clear lens.
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      Thanks zlev!! I wasn't sure about that.


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        I've tried this approach before, but can't find anyone who will send me one in Black. Seems like they have all the other OEM colors.
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