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mid pipe for a two brothers exhaust?

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  • mid pipe for a two brothers exhaust?

    im lookin at gettin a two brothers racing exhaust for my 99 kat 600, but they only sell it in slip on form, and i need a new mid pipe because mine is cracked, anyone know where i can get a nice aluminum/chrome one that will match up with the two brothers exhaust?

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    Have you tried 2 brothers yet? They probably carry the midpipe that's just right for your exhaust.

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      I believe Z needed a bracket and ordered it straight through two brothers. so yeah, that would be a good place to start.


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        You might want to check your sources again.. the two brothers should come with a mid pipe.. since it sits higher and farther back than stock... check out my thread about the new "used" exhaust in the bodyshop to see what i mean.
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