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New Paint Is Finished ( PICS ) Updated

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  • New Paint Is Finished ( PICS ) Updated

    Ok so a month after i started this project and about 4 brands of paint, resanding and painting 3 different time from scratch. I FINALLY finished her. I started out using paint , but i ran out of black and decided just to use rustoleum instead, much cheaper , way better results anyway. After messing up a bunch and having to redo most all the pieces 2-3x each , i finally shot the Colorite Catalyst Clear , very durable stuff. I did not however touch up the yellow scratched on the left side, dad dropped bike in the garage while getting off of it. SO he paid for the paint . I'll live with the little scratches.

    Here are the pics, also a pic of my homemade sheetmetal undertail cover. I am polishing the grab bar, and buying some brushed aluminum vinyl for the seat. Vinyl paint doesnt look to good
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    Anyjob you do yourself is one you can be proud that you undertook and finished!!

    Are you gonna paint the undertail at all ?


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      actually the undertail is painted with the metallic rustoleum..i just didnt have any clear left to spray it. Besides im sure road dirt and rocks will mess it up , at least its not an open ugly hole anymore
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        Looks good, how did you do the undetail? chop off the old, cut the new to fit then screw or rivet it in?

        BTW are you going windscreenless or haven't decided what to use yet?


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          i dont have the money for a new one old was broke..someone knocked it off the counter and stepped on it..QRRRRGGG.

          The undertail is just cut to fit...i bent the rear over tire to allow room...then squeezed it in, and rivited it. simple.

          Oh by the way..this if my first REAL paint job attempt.
          " The key to Immortality., is first living a life worth remembering." -St Augustine


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            Love the way the nose looks with the black on it. Real sharp all around.


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              looks question though. I was thinking of doing the same thing as you for my undertail. usually the space is left open or has a curve to it to allow for wheel travel. there is no chance your wheel will rub if you have a passenger or hit a bump?
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                I meant to ask this in my first post, how's the caliper paint holding up? and discolouration?


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                  i bent the rear over tire to allow room.
                  Yep he did


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                    You might want to consider using a brush-on or spray-on bedliner coating for the undertail -- you can have it in black or yellow, and it'll stand up to the road debris quite well without any need for a clearcoat or other secondary protection... just a thought

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                      ya...i thought about it after i sprayed it...but it only cost me $13 to make it. Beside i used a black textured rustoleum paint on it and i didnt like it. So i sprayed the same paint i used on the body, on it. Just no clear.

                      Woobie - The caliper paint is not discoloring at all. I wish the yellow was alittle lighter to match but oh well.

                      These pics dont do the paint any justice. When the sun hits it, its very metallic and like a charcoal grey.
                      " The key to Immortality., is first living a life worth remembering." -St Augustine


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                        For you 1st time......I'd say ya did great.

                        Love'n the undertail aswell...Creative,inovative and absolutely unique. There's alot to be said about originality that's for sure...

                        Great job.
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                          great job you should be proud


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                            Look'n Nice!
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