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cobra f1 slips

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  • cobra f1 slips

    OK, So I put cobra f1 slips on my 97 kat 600 last year and now they need some work done to them.. they need cleaned something fierce.. what's the best way to do this?
    I've heard stuff about using breakclean or steel wool etc..
    these are stainless cans with what looks like something better than stainless as the midpipes.. so what works to clean these up?

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    Mine are aluminum, with stainless mid pipes, I just used mother polish, all the way, if you have scratches or tough blems on the cans you can use a scotch brite pad on the aluminum, it will polish up very nicely.


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      Scotch bright and Steel wool will work, but it will scratch, so you will have to do the entire thing.

      Steel Wool is the absolute best thing to use for CHROME. If you maybe use a FINE grit steel wool or sanding scotch pad and then some Mothers, I think you could make it work.

      Any pictures?
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        they maybe aluminum, I'm not sure...
        I bought some real fine steel wool (grade 00) and I wasn't sure if I should try some chemicals first and then finish up with steel wool or what. I've heard a few different stories about what works and what doesn't.

        My bike lives at my fiances house ( I travel for work) but I may have some pics on my other PC in the car, I'll check tonight and if I do I'll post them and show you what I mean...I think I have pics of when I first installed them and then pics from earlier this year when you can tell they need a good cleaning...