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    Originally posted by Edbean View Post
    The dents are very minor....I was just wondering what im looking at IF I wanted to fix it. lol
    About the same as a good set of leathers would cost.


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      Originally posted by yngveny View Post
      He he, sounds like any number of things could go wrong with that approach, but I like it

      Reminds me of the dry-ice method, anyone tried this??
      I tried the dry ice method. actually worked. however, with the method that was stated about the heating gun and the c02 the dent has to be pretty large. my brother tried this on his neon and the dent was about 4 inches across diameter and it didnt work. so it wont work on little dents
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        Originally posted by SKNL2 View Post
        About the same as a good set of leathers would cost.
        miss you too mark lol