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  • Fiber Optic Lighting

    Fiber Optic Lighting - I saw a Yamaha YZF 600R outlined around the fairing and bodywork with blue fiber optic lighting.
    It is thin and gives off a neon-like appearance and can been seen from a far away distance.
    I asked about the set up and it uses a small step up transformer along with a capcitor and does not take up a lot of space nor puts a load on the battery, and since it is flexible and can be placed anywhere it actually looked pretty cool.
    Something to consider should you be looking to do something different to the overall look of your ride.
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    Thanks for the post. I have seen that and like the looks of it. I would want to go with blue but really do not have any ideas on where I want to put it. Something to dwell on over winter.


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      Looks pretty cool, here's what they look like
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        I saw a Yamaha R6 cruise by the other day with that (or LEDs) lighting up the cowling around the engine holes, it looks very good. Not overly bright but a nice low blue glow to compliment the bike.


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          I seen a guy that had it not only on his green kawi, but also his matching jacket. He had portions of his jacket outlined with the green. It actually looked pretty cool, and talk about being able to see him at night! Hmmm. I am gona have a extra jacket soon........
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            I have seen this as well, but want to caution you that this is very easily overdone. I saw it on the outside of a car and there was just too much of it. Keep in mind that sometimes Less is More. I look forward to seeing someone on here with some of this kind of lighting. Just don't make it Gaudy.
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