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Mesh Mod v 2.0 Idea

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  • Mesh Mod v 2.0 Idea

    Hey, want to ask you guys a question. I was picking up supplies to do a mesh mod, and then thought, HEY! what if I took the normal gutter cover type material, then put a screen (like screen window material) over it, making it appear much more solid.

    I dunno, it sounded crazy, so I wanted to check to see if anyone had done it before.

    Any ideas or thoughts?

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    What? You crazy? there isn't a crazy person on KR
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      hhmm, I'd have to see what it looked like before I could say whether or not I liked the look of it. If you decide to do it, take a test piece of the gutter and put some screen over it so we can see it!


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        crap, sorry for posting this in the wrong section. I didn't realize I was in the lounge when I clicked "New Topic". Please, oh please forgive me!!!

        And I'll see what I can do. I was hoping I wouldnt have to buy any screen, but ill see if I can find any cheap stuff


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          check out letsride mesh that is what he did...
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            Dunno what it is with you guys and covering up the motor and inner workings, I love to see the shit.

            Thats why i really like the FZR's and the SV's

            Kinda cool to show some motor.