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  • Cheap Fairings

    Hey everyone, i was considering painting my fairings because they got a good many scratches and chips but after doing some searching i found an ebay set of fairings.

    There are several designs and they look like they fit well but whats up with them? I know they are cheaper, probably chinese knockoffs but are they still good?

    I wanted to switch to an 03 + tail also so i could do the whole deal already painted for $600.

    Anyone buy these plastics?, or have some insight? Thanks

    99 750

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    you will likely still need to paint your tank
    Have you checked sellers feadback to see if the have sold any of these sets
    I bought something else one time and I requested detailed feedback from a buyer in the sellers feedback
    I just explained to the buyer that I seen they had purchased a ??? and wanted clarification
    They did it

    You will likely be able to recoupe some money from the sale of your old panels

    Are they china knock offs or are they OE manufacturer

    I bought a new spoiler to replace a broken one on my Honda
    Honda was $800 plus paint
    Ebay seller was $200 shipped and painted to match
    It was slightly different but for that much I could goof around a long time installing, right

    Let us know how you make out
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      Yeah i figured i would still have to paint the gas tank, but thats not a huge deal. Yeah they are a knockoff the feedback is all good, and they seem to be happy with the plastics. It seems too good to be true. I just wanted to see if maybe someone from here bought one from a katana and wanted to see if the fitment was ok.

      99 750


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        I saw the same fairings. I've been debating on whether to give the home rattlecan a try or spring for those cheapo fairings. If you buy them, post your findings. Interested to see if they're worthwhile.
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        '05 Katana 600


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          There is a post around here about those plastics. One of the members bought a set and was in the process of putting them on I believe.
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