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  • Custom bracket

    Hey guys and girls I have a 2002 katana 600, I would like to make my own elimination kit for the bike and was tring to get some ideas for the bracket to connect the signals and license plate on. If someone has pictures of brackets they made or one's they bought that will help, Thanks alot and keep riding!!

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    Start with a flat sheet of aluminim or stainless from the local hardware/home improvement store and cut out/drill/punch a few holes to make one.

    This is on a Pre, and the best pic I have atm...

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      6" aluminum angle stock, drill holes as necessary, cut two smaller pieces for the turn signals...

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        Here is a link to pics of the one I did. Basically, I took a piece of angle iron and slotted and folded in the ends. I then drilled holes in the folded portion to mount the signal lights. Finally, I mounted the stock license plate bracket to the new bracket and attached it with bolts through the existing body button holes.] Hope this helps, only cost was black paint , a little piece of angle iron from home depot, and the turn signals.


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          Thanks guys you really helped, I am going to do it this weekend i will let you know how it came out.


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            Thank you all, i finished my rear bracket. it looks awsome i will def. put pics up this week.