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Rattlecan clearcoat solution??

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  • Rattlecan clearcoat solution??

    I was looking at the DupliColor site, hoping to find a color chart or something to help me decide on a color (with no luck), and ended up reading the forums instead. There was a post that asked the same question I had in my head for some time. Does Duplicolor make a fuel resistant clear coat?

    Hey guys thanks for the questions and comments. It is true. It is very difficult to get a durable finish out of an aerosol can that will resist gas. Right now the technology DOES exist for a 2 part system in aerosol but Dupli-Color will not use this because of serious health concerns from isocyanates that may occur.

    As mentioned, an automotive based 2 part clear applied with a spray gun can be used.

    You might want to try our Paint Shop clear #BSP300 as well. I can't guarantee it will resist gas as well as a 2 part system but it might be a cheaper route. Also with the Paint Shop clear you can apply heavier coats than you could with an aerosol can.
    (From the Duplicolor forum)

    So me being me, I decided since the technology exist to have a 2 part clear coat system in a spray can, somebody has to make it and I wanna know who. That's when I found this stuff.

    Found a bunch of places that sell it, and it's not bad. $20 or less per can, plus shipping. Basicly I can get 2 cans to my door for less than $50. For that price, I'm willing to give it a shot, especially since they say it's chemical and gas resistant. I'm going to be painting my bike within the next 2 or 3 weeks using Duplicolor spray cans, then I'm going to try this clear coat. It might take a while, so be patient with me, but I'll post pics of the results and such as soon as they happen.

    BTW - Here's a link to where I'm getting my clear from if you guys want to try it as well.
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    Looking forward to seeing the results! If it works well I will have to order some too.
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      I've used that clear coat before, picked it up for $20.00 at the local paint shop. I used it to coat my buddy's tank. Works great, good finish for a spray can. Its deadly hazardous though. Get a respirator if you dont have one. I used it in my basement with a dust mask, i'm suprised i'm still alive. you'll see what i mean when you read the label
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        Yeah, I've read the label and all that. I could tell it's gonna be bad as soon as I took the cap off of it. Reminds me of when I worked at Sherwin Williams in the plant.

        I'm hoping I get to start soon. I've ran into a little money trouble now, which has postponed my paint purchase. Hopefully soon I can get some paint and start working on it. This is absolutely killing me not being able to get out and ride.
        94 600 With a GSX-R 1100 engine. Stretched, lowered. Air shifter, Nitrous, Who knows what next...