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which exhaust?

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  • which exhaust?

    So I am sure this has been discussed numerous times. Which exhaust does everyone like? I am debating over the Vance and Hines SSR2 and the D&D. I hear D&D is real loud, anyone know how the Vance and Hines sounds? Any comments or suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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    ive got a vance exhaust, i love the sound, not so loud it annoys people but definetly lets em know your there


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      Canadians will say Hindle....

      The Pre 98 crowd will say Vance and Hines....

      Some will say Yoshimura.....

      Texans will say D&D....

      A few will say other brands (akaprovic etc)

      I say stock (until I hit the lottery)


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        Go with the Vance. D&D's are just too loud. I know the people who own them will say Im wrong. But I know alot of people who cant stand the D&D and dont like riding with someone who has them.
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          The Vance and Hines sound sweet.....go with the V&H you will love the way it sounds.....
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            I was able to pick up a vance and hines on ebay for $175 with shipping, did I get a good deal? it is brand new and everything else I saw like the D&D was $250, yosh was $350. My friend has the D&D on his 600RR and it is way to loud, I get a headache when I ride with him. Thanks guys.
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              I have an old Yosh, it looks like it has been shortened and it screams. Its a bit too loud though. it sounds awesome but id like it a bit quietter. A buddy of mine that I used to ride with has a harley and he could never hear his bike when we rode together.