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    Does anyone know if I can get Suzuki factory paint or know the paint code for a stock red and pearl white 1988 600 I need the red. I called local dealer they referred me to Color-riteís site they donít list anything for that year. I guess I can get it matched buy it local just wondering if there was another option. Thanks

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    good luck!
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      Color-riteís site they donít list anything for that year


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        1988 your paint color is Suzuki 22R "Pearl Cool White".

        Color-rite may not list it on their site but they should still have it, or at least have the formula for it. Try emailing them before you just give up. If they can't do it then your next best matching option is to have it laser scanned and mixed.

        EDIT: I didn't read the original post all the way through......
        Your red is should be a Suzuki 28V Marble Italian Red and as luck would have it when Suzuki made the body change in 1998 they used that same red again for the "new" first year of the Katana like they did in 88. Now I cannot guarantee that this is the same red that was used in 88 for the white/red combo but I am reasonably sure that it is. I do know that the all red 88's used the 28V though. If you can find someone close with a 1998 you can compare and you'll know.
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          When I talked to color rite when buying my paint awhile back, the rep mentioned that if I needed anything else that wasnt on the site, that he can most likely get it anyway.


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            a big problem with find a matching color for a 17 year old bike is that the paint still may not match due to faiding. red is apparently the fastest color to faid.


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              red is eh worst color to color match, and its also the most expensive


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                Originally posted by duff daddy
                red is eh worst color to color match, and its also the most expensive
                i always thought that silver was the worst to match
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