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Yet another rattlecan question

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  • Yet another rattlecan question

    Well, kinda anyway. I'm looking into painting my bike myself (as I've been inspired by people on here to do). I'm pretty sure that instead of using Dupli-Color, I'm going to go with the Color Rite paint, but in the aerosol can. Has anybody here used it before? Does it apply well? Is humidity going to be a factor?

    I also noticed that the clear they have in the aerosol can is not really fuel resistant, although the clear that comes with the CO2 kit is. Problem with the CO2 kit is I havn't seen one good review of it yet, and I don't want to take a risk of messing up my paint. So, is it ok, after I paint the plastic, to take them to a body shop to have real clear sprayed on them? Do you think it would be cost effective to do it this way? Should I just get a quart of the paint and hand the whole thing to a body shop? I'll take any input at this point. I need paint, and I'm po'
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    Ive used the c02 kit to paint the deck lid on my wifes old car. It works ok I guess. I liked the idea of being able to spray actual auto paint thru it as its a far better product then rattle can enamel. I reciently went out and purchased a complete top feed spray gun kit for my compressor (fairly cheap) and have never looked back! the difference is night N day in my opinion. Personally... If your not comfy with shooting it or dont have the facilities to do a clean job ya might wanna just hand it over. Its gonna cost you a bit but the results will speak for themselves! Good Luck Keep Us posted on your Progress!
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