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tore up plastics

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  • tore up plastics

    is it hard to repair a side plastic that is broke in half?

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    If it's only broken and all the pieces are there, then you have a couple of choices.

    I prefer plastic welding with a soldering iron and zip ties. I think it provides the best bond and flexibility. It also requires the least amount of prep work.

    The other option is to use a 2 part epoxy product called Plastic Weld. Use a die grinder to put a 'V' notch in one side and a 'U' notch in the other for good penetration and adhesion of the epoxy.

    After either of these repairs, you can use either a die grinder or DA sander to blend the repaired area smooth.

    DO NOT USE: Fiberglass, bondo, or any other metal or fiberglass repair product unless the situation is dire.
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      how do you plastic weld?

      nevermind, ithink i got it, thanks for the help
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