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I fell and need parts help me out guys

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  • I fell and need parts help me out guys

    i fell today and screwed up my main fairings pretty good. i need two main fairings for a post kat two mirrors and two turn signal covers and a stator cover. any help would be very apriciated i just wana get back on the road ASAP. i hoope this is the correct thread to post this in if not i dont have a high enough post count to get anywhere else so... thanks guys hope to hear from somone very soon.
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    Damn how did you go down? you ok?


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      my highschool janitor decided he needed to make a last minute turn and stop in the middle of the road... i couldnt stop and had to lay her down. im fine, my bikes not.


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        That sux I think I would have
        2k6 Kat factory blue and white, lowered, mesh mod, shovel chopped, polished clutch and brake levers,V&H ss2r slip on, home made intagrated tail light, polished lips, 8k hid's and Joe's 40 led kit. All done by me learned from Katriders thanks.


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          I have a red right side fairing for a 99 kat 600, but its broken in a few places. youd have to plastic weld a tiny bit, sand and re-paint it.


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            Nevermind -- his parents made him sell the bike. His riding is over for the time being.

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