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Starting over with the paint

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  • Starting over with the paint

    Okay guys, after arfully studing and looking at all the bodt work forums. I decied to try this painting thing again. My first rattle can job was okay. But for mechanical reasons, my bike needs to be looking better than it was. I was almost embarassed to go any place with it. Sanding priming painting. Also for the newbies such as myself. Decal removal we all know sucks. I found a great solution to the great decal debate....ACETONE

    I used a old shop rage, soaked it in this stuff, layed it across my decals for a little over 3mins and it peeled off so easy it was beautiful.

    Warningon leave it on the plastic longer than that because it will buckle the clea under the decal!!!

    Didn't really matter though since I was taking it down to the bare platic. Just a little heads up for everyone...

    Stay tunned for further pics!!!
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    Kerosene works well for decals.
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      Acetone will disolve ABS turning it into ... abs cement.

      So definately pay attention to that warning about leaving it on for too long.

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        Tell me about it. Plus I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with replacement mirrors on the pre kats. I was looking at the gsx mirrors w/o the turn sigs. They look like they will bolt up to the fairing, not the cage. Anyone have any experience with this fit issue....????
        Riding is like a roll-a-coaster that you control


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          Finishing my Kat

          Okayguy and girls I finally finished my paint job. I went back to the fusion paint from krlon and I ran into some clear coat at pep boys. Its from Duplicolor. Its already mixed and ready to spray. I posted the pic to let you all see what it looks like. Now alll I have to do is buff
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          Riding is like a roll-a-coaster that you control


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            Wax and grease remover works well on sticker goo. How ever some sticker glues are composed differently where wax and grease remover wont touch it. Most times W/G remover will wipe it clean off and if its stubborn and wont clean off use a 3M pinstripe remover. it is a rubber wheel basically with an RPM limit. be sure to keep moveing the wheel around other wise friction will build up and burn your paint.
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