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going to paintinf the kat this weekend

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  • going to paintinf the kat this weekend

    ok so i have painted a couple thing with a rattle can had it looking ok but the main fairings are all sunfaded and what not so i am a tech school grad for auto body so painting is my fortay just looking or some in put on a color scheme gotta have some red in it to macth the new hjc lid i bought last week if you got any ideas id love to hear em

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    In my opinion it is a tough bike to pick a scheme for. I think it will be easier to think of something good for the pre 98's, but the post Kats are so rounded that any straight lines on them look mostly out of place. Member named Shifty had a rather good design on his with different colors...

    (Actually wasn't his bike, but he painted it for a friend. Search for threads started by him and you will find it)
    -2000 "750"


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      I'll be interested to see the pics and outcome of this one..


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        ok so i think i am just gonna keep it simple with a marlboro red and black scheme nottin to flashey cuase thats not my style i got every thing sanded down and will be preping for paint tommrow pics by sunday!!!!