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Body swap, 2003 body on pre 98 Katana, possible?

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  • Body swap, 2003 body on pre 98 Katana, possible?

    I wanted to know if it can be done?

    My 91 Katana 750 has plastics that are not in the best shape, so I've been wondering about that idea. I see it this way, if I'm going to get new plastics, why not go all the way and do a body swap?

    I'd love to be able to fit a late body on my old Katana, but don't know if it is possible, or if I just should forget about it, and fix my current plastics?
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      Not a bolt on mod...lots of custom bracketry would be necessary but Jim would definitely be the man to ask.


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        Anything can be done, its just a matter of how much time and money you want to spend in it.
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          Well, I wasn't expecting it to be a bolt on mod. But how much fabrication would be involved in such project?

          Of course, if at the end it would be cheaper to just buy a newer Kat750 and then swap an early Kat750 engine into it, it would make no sense at all!

          I'm thinking seriously to just go to the US and buy a 2003/4 Kat 750 and bring it to Mexico, but...

          It would have lots of advantages, simply because being a newer model I wouldn't have any use restriction because of emisions (here, 1999 and older bikes can't be used one day of the week, according to the last digit of the license plate, 2000+ bikes can be smogged and used daily).

          That by itself is good enough, as then the Kat could be my daily rider, instead of only a weekend bike.

          Downside, the newer kats have the low compression engine, older ones have about 10 more HP and the bike, and my Kat 750 feels powerfull, but not TOO much, wouldnt' like to lose those 10 ponies...

          Ahh, also, I would like some ideas for a paint scheme to use on my 91 Kat 750. I'm not too fond of the current paint (PO got a really cheap and bad paint job) nor color (red with gray), but I'm simply not the creative kind of guy.
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