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Fun Saturday with the Kat

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  • Fun Saturday with the Kat

    On Saturday, I changed my oil and filter and replaced my choke cable since my choke rail wasn't sliding properly. Since I didn't need access to the holes in the fairing anymore and I love the look of the mesh mod, that was the next obvious step. I even talked my girlfriend into helping me with the choke cable and mesh mod! I'm really pleased with the results. You can see the pics at or view my website at I'll be getting a domain soon to host my Kat site as well as a few other sites, so the link won't always be quite so nasty.

    Unfortunately, when I got to work on Sunday, I had a flat tire! Right now it's stored in a garage until my new Pirelli Diablo Stradas come in and I can have them put on. I'm already trying to pick my next mod...

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    looks great! and thanks for the how to. I'm debating wether to do this to mine.


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      Looks great!!!
      Sorry to hear about the tire..

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        I still had a factory rear tire and a cheapo front tire the previous owner put on to pass inspection, so I needed to upgrade anyway...not all is lost.


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          congrats on the the mesh mod, look great.

          I was going to use duct tape around the long parts of the mesh cutouts and just use adhesive on the corners like you showed in the pics..but I opted to take the adhesive the whole way around the mesh. I wouldnt think u'd run into any problems since the corners are anchored w/ the jb weld.

          Let us know how it works out for ya.


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            I could always add more JB Weld later on if they come loose. The mesh on one side of the fairing is rock solid. The other side has a tiny bit of play in it. I might add some more epoxy to that side down the road.


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              Looks great! I also like the Katana badge, Guess they got cheap with my year (stickers)
              I focus on the pain, The only thing thats real.


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                Cool Website! 8)


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                  very cool


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