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Dremel or Power Drill???

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  • Dremel or Power Drill???

    I plan on finally chopping the shoval off my bike this weekend. Im going to leave the stock license plate holder and turn signals just the way they are and just cut the extra plastic shoval and red reflectors off.

    My question is would it be better to buy a dremel? Or just use my power drill and buy the dremal bits for it and do it that way?

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    If you're just cutting the plastic, I used a hacksaw. It cut through it like butter.


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      Hot knife....

      Drimel with cutting disks...

      coping saw...

      What ever else you have to make it work...

      That would be my order of preference if I was doing it.

      Some sandpaper to finish up the edges after your done is good as well.

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        hot knike works awesome
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          I used an angle grinder, but that may be extreme.

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            i used a hacksaw and dremel when the hacksaw wasn't working good enough for me. the dremel pretty much melts the plastic as its being cut so you will have to clean it up later


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              Hot knife. Dremel with grinder disk is good too.
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                I used a dremel, but that same day after my dremel died I used the same bit in my dewalt to cut something else. I would say either way will work. Up to how much money you want to spend.

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                  when i did neroshifters i used a sawsaw with a metal blade


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                    If you use power tools , beware of hot melted plastic either way . I used a Dremel . Eye protection is cheap .....
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                      I vote Dremal, as we have used them in the past with good results. JMO


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                        I used a utility knife, wasn't hot, but worked good.
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                          You can be more precise with a grinder disc on a Dremel. The speed of the rotation makes it easy cutting and allows for straight lines. Yes, there will be melted residue, but it chips off easily in your fingers. I've been tempted to do the same to the shovel on my Ninja...I just can't make up my mind.

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                            Thanks for all the suggestions guys, i went out to wallyworld yesterday and picked up a dremel and it comes with like 50 attachments so if it does melt the plastic hopfully i can sand and smooth it out.

                            This is the one:

                            Ill post pics when im done


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                              I used a box cutter and a candle. I used a wax pen to mark off where I wanted to cut, heated the blade, and it when through the plastic like a hot knife though butter. Took all of three shrapnel or jagged edges either.

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